Friday, October 21, 2005

eFrames II

I was in the process of reading Cory Doctorow's cool new novel Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town via RSS feed, when I was struck by an idea (not original of course) after reading this paragraph:
Alan's father was a mountain, and his mother was a washing machine -- he kept a roof over their heads and she kept their clothes clean. His brothers were: a dead man, a trio of nesting dolls, a fortune teller, and an island. He only had two or three family portraits, but he treasured them, even if outsiders who saw them often mistook them for landscapes. There was one where his family stood on his father's slopes, Mom out in the open for a rare exception, a long tail of extension cords snaking away from her to the cave and the diesel generator's three-prong outlet. He hung it over the mantel, using two hooks and a level to make sure that it came out perfectly even.

So the idea is this. Frames should be self-levelling. Well, eFrames should be, at the very least. Of course, using little bubbles to determine levelness isn't all that "e", but maybe some kind of sensor could be used instead. Forget scratching up your wall with the big aluminum level from your garage; simply flip open a little tab at the front of the picture frame, and adjust its position accordingly.

I couldn't find any pictures of this type of frame, but I read something about mounting brackets with levels built-in (not very instructive link here). However, I'd prefer to directly monitor the level of my picture frames, through the frame itself.

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