Sunday, October 16, 2005


I recently set up AdSense on this blog, but was disappointed to find that Firefox couldn't sense that it should display them. Blogger trumpets Firefox all over its help pages, so I was quite surprised to find ads being displayed in IE but not in FF.

To add to the frustration (and this happened in both browsers), I couldn't report the problem. Each time I tried to submit the issue, I got the following error:

(The first two blurred areas were actually series of 8 numbers. I've removed them in case they reveal anything about my account.)

When I clicked the back button, I noticed that indeed my email address was now prefixed be this U/B string. Blogger was using Javascript to add this text, then reporting it as an error.

I'm not exactly sure what to do now. Hope that more users choose Internet Explorer? Or that someone at Blogger reads my blog? The latter is unlikely, and the former is undesirable.


keith bohanna said...

hi sean

I had strange experiences with Adsense on my blog. It took a couple of weeks for my adverts to display properly in Firefox - as opposed to IE where they were always good. The adverts would appear for a second on a reload - then disappear. A View Source would show nothing for that part of the page.

I wondered maybe was it a problem with Javascript and one of my pieces of security software - but not being techie I could only guess!

All stable now and interesting to watch the adverts that get shown!

Hope that sharing of some of your pain helps!


Sean O'Hagan said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the info. Maybe waiting it out is the way to go.

I was quite surprised to see no mention of this problem in Blogger's help/known issues pages.


Sean O'Hagan said...

I'm an idiot. The Firefox extension Adblock was blocking the ads. I selected "hide the ads" rather than "remove the ads" and somehow that fixed the problem.