Friday, October 14, 2005

Web 2.0 in the Wide World

A common thread in my recent thinking about the web, is the extraction of all this wonderful information (shared pics, blogs, bookmarks, etc.) out of the web and into the real world (see my eMag and eFrame post).

It's great that web users have all these cool tools to share information and collaborate and tag and blog and feed and... But all (or most) of this is done from the keyboard. I constantly get chastised for the amount of time I spend at this machine. I think I'd prefer accessing the information of Web 2.0 from my armchair or bathtub.

And I don't mean accessing the web from a tiny cellphone or PDA. I want my eyes when I'm older. I mean: embed hooks to the web into the physical world.

Some cool products I can't wait for:

*a book, normal in appearance, has in fact just contacted Project Gutenberg, and has had its pages filled with a literary classic I should be reading.

*a magazine on my coffee table contains news, blogs, and images, which have been automatically uploaded from the web.

*a to-do list on my fridge updates itself with entries I've made at work, from my cell, or that my family members have made (if the list is shared, that is.)

Of course, if people could teach themselves how to engineer things (as they can easily teach themselves to create web apps), these products would have arrived yesterday.

Here's hoping they arrive tomorrow, or the day after.

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