Saturday, October 29, 2005

unblokt vs. Yeats is Dead! (Part 2)

Another very interesting connection between unblokt and Yeats is Dead! is a bizarre reference to a melon-baller. From the aforementioned article, two of the authors discuss a scene:
"I didn't kill anyone," says Marion Keyes, sweetly.

"No," says O'Connor, "you just threatened to gouge someone's eyes out with a melon baller."
In volume one of unblokt, the following:
"The thought of killing her, slowly, with a melonballer, aroused me in the mornings."
"I brandished the melonballer."
"And if you have ever brandished a melonballer, you know how painful it is."
Kind of an interesting coincidence, unless melon ballers play an important role in all novels.

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