Saturday, December 03, 2005


Another little experiment:

I've set up a blog that anyone can (anonymously) post to. Why? To see what the YubNub community (and hopefully many others) are thinking about, worrying about, hoping for, love, hate, etc., etc.

This is currently done via YubNub using the tell (or netsend) and look (or netread) commands. For example:

tell I'm listening to some old David Bowie and I'm loving it.

This will (almost) immediately post the "I'm listening..." message to the MultiBlog.


This will forward you to the MultiBlog website to read the posts. If you're not familiar with YubNub, see my YubNub post. (These commands must be typed in to a YubNub command field.) Also, if you subscribe to the RSS feed you can avoid the "look" command altogether.

If anyone wants to help spruce up the site's graphics or template, please contact me.

Have fun!


Jonathan said...

Nice one Sean. I have marked it as a YubNub golden egg.

Sean O'Hagan said...

Thanks Jonathan. We'll see where this one goes...